How are you going to make the most of the next accounting conference in 2018 you are planning to attend? Well, conferences offer a great way to network with people of similar interest and learn more about the latest accounting technologies, trends, and strategies.

The accounting industry is becoming highly competitive; therefore, you need to stay up-to-date with new concepts, upcoming technologies and more. Accounting conferences offer accountants a way to improve their skills while making connections. Therefore, before you plan to go to your next conference, make sure you have planned well. Just showing up at the conference will not help you reap maximum benefits.

If you are looking forward to attending a conference, register for the RMIT University’s School of Accounting annual Accounting Educators’ Conference that will be held on Monday, 19 November 2018.

While accounting conferences provide great opportunities to showcase your skill set and discuss partnership opportunities, it also provides favorable circumstances to network with potential customers, like-minded people and industry leaders.

But how do you network with people? Here are top 3 tips on networking at conference. Read on to never stay alone at the next conference you are going to attend.

  1. Connect with people

  2. One of the most persuasive things you can do at a conference is to speak up. If you are an introvert and find it difficult to speak up, try striking a conversation with your immediate neighbor. When you start interacting with people, it becomes easier to meet new people.

    You can even volunteer to speak at the event. Speaking gives your credibility and can help increase your social media followers too. If you are trying to achieve success as an accountant and want more people to know about your services, speaking is one of the best things to do.

  3. Conference goals

  4. Never become a part of a conference without having a clear vision in mind. There are high chances that someone might have answers to your questions, so why not benefit from the opportunity? It is always suggested that you list your questions and goals before attending the conference.

    Remember, to talk to speakers and other accountants before and after the session. This helps you increase your network of people. Also, if you have some questions, striking a conversation becomes easier. Nowadays, accounting conferences often come with a designated hashtag. Thus, following the hashtag helps you connect with people.

Organize a dinner
Once you have started talking to people, you can invite them for dinner or a cup of coffee after the event. However, remember to pick up a nice restaurant near the conference venue. You can even invite a few speakers to make connections with them.

The more active role you play at a conference, higher are the chances to make great connections. A conference offers a great medium to make long-lasting contacts. It is a great tool that can give a boost to your career. A conference can help in building invaluable contacts.

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