While each one of us is eagerly waiting for a career and life-defining moment, no one knows when and where it is going to happen.

Well, as a learning enthusiast, you are not clueless as it is possible to schedule career-defining moments in the world of education. That’s true. You can find career-defining moments at an education conference in 2018. By being a part of an educational conference that comes in all shapes and sizes, you get access to specific content, know more about the latest technology and grab career-defining opportunities.

If you are soon going to attend an education conference, make sure to follow these points to maximize benefits and experience at any conference.

Determine your goal

The most important question that needs to be answered at the earliest is, “Why do you want to attend the conference?” “Will it be beneficial to your career?” “Will you learn something new?” The answers to these questions will help you justify the spending of time, money and resources on the chosen conference. Become a part of a conference that helps you evolve, makes it easy to learn about new technologies and more.

The next step

Once you have chosen the education conference you want to attend, you should zero on people who will be attending the conference. Will you be going alone or with a team? Try to pick people who are willing to become a part of the conference as they are more likely to learn. Forcing people to be a part will only defeats the purpose.

Are you excited?

After choosing people, register for the accounting education conference 2018. Discuss the topics, the speakers, and the conference in general with your team. Make sure you take care of small details that can make or break the experience for people on board. Be prepared for the conference and build excitement by constantly reviewing your plan and talking about the education opportunities you are going to get.

Final preparations

Now a days, conference organizers come up with their unique hashtags. So before you go to the conference, make sure you have a Twitter account. Speakers at conferences nowadays incorporate their Twitter handles into the session. Moreover, hashtags will be used throughout the sessions. Twitter offers a great platform to maximize your learning potential and engage with the presenters during the event. You can also exchange your Twitter handle with other people to connect with them. This offers you a great opportunity to build your professional network.

Share the ideas
While you are at the conference, try to share ideas and learn from other people. You can choose to strike a conversation with an educator during the evening events, lunch breaks or in between sessions. Remember to take notes as keeping a track of the ideas shared and discussed can be difficult.

Interested in attending Accounting and Education Conference 2018?

RMIT University’s School of Accounting is organizing their annual Accounting Educators’ Conference on Monday, 19 November 2018.
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